Colby Covington denies UFC offered him Ian Machado Garry: ‘We all know that he’s a cuck but now we know he’s a liar’

The proposed fight between Colby Covington and Ian Machado Garry still seems like fantasy matchmaking for now.

That’s according to Covington, who denied claims from Garry that the UFC has already offered this fight to both of them and that it’s the former interim welterweight champion dragging his feet to make it official. Covington hasn’t fought since this past December when he lost a one-sided decision to UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards.

While Covington anxiously awaits his next assignment, he says the UFC has never come calling about a potential showdown with Garry.

“We all know that he’s a cuck but now we know he’s a liar,” Covington said on The Rush podcast. “Because UFC, Hunter [Campbell], Dana [White], they haven’t talked to me about this fight. This fight has not been presented. He’s just lying. He’s just trying to get clickbait and get people to talk about him.”

In his initial response to Garry’s callout, Covington rattled off a list of demands like he was holding a bout agreement hostage. Covington is sticking with that same plan knowing that there’s almost no chance Garry plans to acquiesce to his conditions.

“I don’t know who I’m fighting,” Covington said. “I gave him stipulations. I said hey, if you want to fight me and you’re serious about business, show me you’re serious. Because when I show up, I want to make money. I’m trying to do good business.

“We already saw at our last press conference he didn’t even show up because he knew I was going to have a live mic. So he’s already scared to show up to a press conference when he’s not fighting me. What’s going to happen when he’s at a press conference and he has to fight me? He’s probably not going to show up. So I gave him stipulations. If you want to fight me and you want to show you’re serious about business.”

Among the “stipulations” that Covington laid out, he demanded that Garry and his wife Layla turn on the comments on their Instagram channels. He also demanded that Garry’s wife makes a video where she gets down on her knees and begs him for the fight and the third involved putting her in one of his sponsored gambling videos that he posts on his own social media channels.

It’s safe to assume Garry won’t be completing any of Covington’s challenges.

With Covington sticking to his guns, it doesn’t look like a potential showdown with Garry is any closer to becoming reality.

“I just want to see he’s serious about business,” Covington. “If he wants this fight, like why do I have to go back in the rankings to fight him? He does nothing for me. I have a great contract with the UFC. I’m going to get paid good no matter who I fight. So I don’t really need to fight him. I’d rather fight someone ahead of me and get back to the title fight.

“I want Leon [Edwards]. That’s who I want. I want to show the world that I am healthy, that I can beat anyone in the world. That I am the best welterweight on earth right now. If he wants to show he’s serious about business ,and he wants this fight, just agree to the three stipulations. Turn on the comments, cuck.”

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