Cody Garbrandt PREDICTS the DOWNFALL of Sean O’Malley! Darren Till GETS HONEST on Conor’s return!

MMA news today:

JON FITCH explains how managers ‘screw over’ MMA fighters

MAX HOLLOWAY gets emotional when discussing the fires in Maui

CODY GARBRANDT predicts the downfall of Sean O’Malley

DARREN TILL gets honest on Conor McGregor’s MMA return

TONY FERGUSON shuts down any talk of retirement

00:00 – Max Holloway gets emotional when discussing the fires in Maui
02:04 – Darren Till gets honest on Conor McGregor’s MMA return
02:49 – Cody Garbrandt says Sean O’Malley has a lot of holes to expose
04:23 – Jon Fitch explains how managers ‘screw over’ MMA fighters
06:39 – Tony Ferguson shuts down any talk of retirement
07:11 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started In today's video max Holloway gets Emotional when discussing the fires in Maui Darren till gets honest then Conor McGregor's MMA return Cody garban says Sean O'Malley has a lot of holes to Expose John Fitch explains how managers Screw over MMA fighters and Tony Ferguson shuts down any talk of Retirement This Saturday Max Holloway will be Headlining UFC Singapore as he faces off Against the Korean zombie prior to this Fight Holloway's beautiful home state of Hawaii was struck by one of the Deadliest natural disasters in American History as wildfires ravage the LA hyena Area leaving over a thousand people Still missing and at least 115 dead at a Press conference on Thursday the former UFC champion became emotional while Speaking about the fires and dedicated His upcoming fight to the people of Hawaii It's just It's a tough thing man you know I just Uh I just shared my story about uh How some people ended up Passing away and they got to name him so It's just tough man those guys is uh They're real heroes right now they're Going through it and uh And um

My workout song Is going to be a dedication to them and Uh And they said uh That we should use up We should use bread to like uh you know Solidify those guys that's in the fire And going through it so I actually gonna be using red for the First time in my uh In my UFC career you know I've been Using the black Universal and I was able To be granted red for this short so Yeah a lot of things you know I I always Go in there with a Wood on my back but huh this is a hybrid In a recent interview with sports lens Darren till shared his opinion on Conor McGregor's future in fighting to express Doubt that McGregor will ever return to The sport stating Conor's never coming Back in my opinion Connor's struggling To let go he doesn't want to let it go But it's time to let go he's older he Doesn't train like he used to he's got The money and his beautiful kids and the Only problem is that he just does not Want to let it go there's going to come A day where he realizes he's fighting With himself and has to let go every Recording on Twitter he just drunk his [ __ ] I'm just crying my eyes out Laughing at him it will take him a while But he'll find his peace my opinion of

Conor is you have to respect what he's Done but it's time to let go he's Struggling to let go During an episode of the byn podcast With Michael Bisping Cody garbrandt Shared his opinion on Sean O'Malley's Recent victory over Al Jermaine Sterling Cody mentioned that he spotted holes and Weaknesses in O'Malley's game and Explained why he believes that O'Malley's reign as the UFC Champion Will be short-lived you know I'm happy For those guys I'm happy for you know Sugar Shawn to finally get out there and You know You had a lot of hype anyone out there And he rose to the occasion and put away Algemane Um you know looking at that fight I just Think that alexman was just too Um Avid on getting it to the ground you Know it wasn't very comfortable with the Movement you know Um I had the best footwork and movement In the whole bantamweight division you Know and I knew that was going to be a Problem Um being on the bigger Cage being a Wrestler and the way that you know sugar Shawn's a counter Striker and uh he Lunged in left himself open and you Can't do that on a good counter-striker You know he knows Game plan was is good to the ground

Wrestle him and you know sugar Shawn was Like I'm literally going to fight tooth And nail and not get taken down and you Know after me made a costume mistake That paid him maybe I lose the title but Like I said a map of sugar Sean I think It's great you know he's uh he's a Champion in our division I think he has A lot of holes and weaknesses that are Going to be exposed a lot but right now Let them enjoy the championship and and What he was able to do uh on Saturday Night as we mentioned yesterday the UFC Antitrust lawsuit is now moving quickly Towards trial with all records and Documents expected to be unsealed for Further details check out our video from Yesterday additionally a former UFC Fighter John Fitch recently halftime Unlocking the cage to discuss why and How some MMA managers May Dodge the Bullet I gotta correct one thing about That unsealing okay uh the Unseen so There was over like Like a hundred thousand like documents There's so many documents that have been Collected in Discovery right a lot of The meat of like dirty managers and Dirty tricks behind the scenes are are In there but not all of those things Were admitted into the court case So the things that are going to be Unsealed are only the documents and only The stuff that is specifically being

Used in the court case so there's There's a lot of managers who are Dodging a bullet right now because There's a lot of guys who can and should Be sued for breaching that fiduciary Responsibility for their athlete Fitch Also shared an example of how one Manager screwed over former UFC fighter Nate query which resulted in him not Getting a total shot they play the long Game if they're if they're buddy buddy With the promoter if they hook the Promoter up if they do favors for the Promoter and screw over their athletes They get more money and more Opportunities from the promoter the Athlete has a short lifespan they'll get A new one he'll go somewhere else he'll Retire the the manager will stay there And keep making money keep screwing People over and like and it can go even Deeper than that I think uh on um uh Nate Quarry has a story about his Manager not telling him about a a fight That was offered a title shot fight that Was offered that would have paid him Pretty well And not even telling him and offering it To him and so he could give it to one of His teammates because he wanted that guy To get the money instead of Nate So that that's a violation of fiduciary Responsibility he screwed over one of His athletes to booster another uh

Athlete and probably do something Buddy Buddy for the promoter Despite suffering his sixth consecutive Loss at UFC 291 Tony Ferguson continues To shut down any speculation about his Retirement while many believe that it is Time for the UFC veteran to hang up his Gloves Ferguson has made it very clear That he is not considering retirement Just yet in fact he just posted a Training clip to social media that is Captioned not done fighting champ CSL Thanks to my boxing coach trainer Marvin For getting me right hashtag lacing up My favorite ones hashtag retirement talk Casuals Oh And here are the top three memes we Found on the internet today third place Was found over Facebook and was posted By a username to MMA daily Our second place pick was found over Instagram and was posted by a user named MMA meme Street And her top picked meme of the day it Was found over Twitter and was posted by A user named oocmma Thank you guys for watching if you liked The video please leave a like And Subscribe to our channel to keep up with The latest MMA News