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00:00 Marvin Vettori goes off on Brendan Allen
00:42 Brendan Allen fires back at Vettori
02:22 Strickland reacts to Chris Curtis’ loss
03:18 Sean O’Malley reacts to Merab’s new skit
04:56 Jon Jones responds after being accused of threatening a dr*g testers life
06:20 MMA community reacts to Jon Jones’s explanation
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All right let's get this show Started in today's news Marvin vtori Slams Brendan Allen for calling for a Title shot vori was originally slated to Face alen in Saturday's UFC headliner But was forced to withdraw from the Contest less than a month out due to an Injury Allen instead faced Chris Curtis And won the fight via Split Decision Immediately following the result Allen Took to the mic where he called for a Title fight against draus dupy the call Out was not exactly well received Especially by vori who tweeted Ellen What the you calling for the title man You look like dog [ __ ] and got rocked Every single round and prayed you were Getting the takedown just to hang in There that [ __ ] was embarrassing Brendan Responded to vtori during UFC Vegas 90s Postf fight press conference you said For Marvin you said explicitly Explicitly on media that when you saw me You were going to beat my ass you saw me Only thing you said was what's up man What's up man I ain't say a word to you Nothing I see you again oh why you Looking at me like That I put my back down to walk towards You you step behind someone the only Time he wants to do something is when It's in front of people so I don't give A [ __ ] if you see me stand behind what You say if you're a man stand behind

What you say that's my problem I never Said anything about him what he said Something on I said something on Twitter Come on bro everyone's talking on Twitter apparently he's talking on Twitter right now man it's Twitter Whatever if you feel that way keep the Same energy when you see me in person You've seen me multiple times it is what It is I'm really I'm I'm about whatever I don't care I ain't going to start Nothing but I ain't no [ __ ] and I ain't Going to run away from it so at the end Of the day that's the only thing left I Have to say to Marvin we're not going to Fight unless you want to fight me here At my gym whatever you're behind me you Had your chance twice you could have Fought me last year you could have Fought me tonight I prepared I showed up I saved the card with Chris so that's The last thing I'll say regarding Marvin Say what you want talk what you want When you see me do something if you Really about it victori later fired back Writing okay yes perfect you literally Went and cried to our manager and cried All week to all the staff and I knew you Were going to talk some [ __ ] like that After all Good Sean Strickland reacts to Chris Curtis's loss to Brenan Allen taking to Twitter following UFC Vegas 90 Strickland revealed that Chris Curtis

Was out of shape and underprepared but Still won he tweeted as a friend of Kurt That scorecard is embarrassing laughing My ass off I'm not saying because I'm His friend he had his newborn and just Wanted a few months to chill out and he Comes off the couch and out strikes a Guy with a full Camp Embarrassing he was so out of shape and Underprepared for this fight and still Won you don't say no to the UFC LOL Every UFC fighter knows that they say Jump you say how high laughing my ass Off should have finished high school Laughing my ass off UFC filmed Kurt I Did one round of sparring with him and Let him win the camera crew was confused Because they know me I said if I Spar Him remotely hard he will lose all Confidence going into this fight he's so Out of shape no excuses but take zero Pride in this Victory Shan O Melly Reacts to Mor Rob's new skit morab has Posted a new skit of him teaching Shanel Melly's clone how to tap out Sugar's Former foe Alaine Sterling also made an Appearance in the new [Music] Clip y hey Mor what are you doing bro I Find that this guy in Arizona he was Smoking too much I'm going to take you To my garage now and I'm going to train [Music] Him oh is that Sean yeah that's him bro

I it's hard to recognize because he's so Smoking too much yeah yeah yeah I Understand good luck thanks we have lots Of work to do see you bro see You good luck Sean SE listen bro listen you have a big Fight you're fighting me bro you got to Stop smoking my friend listen I will I Want to make you training you got to Stop this no more no more this [ __ ] this Come here come here brother come here so So when I take you down when I take you Down when I go your leg lock so you have To tap out three times you have to tap Okay yes that means you lose and I win When I break your hand see when I break Your hand here you got to tap out same Thing three times yes tap out that's it And keep punching you when you go out You don't have to do nothing rep will Save you that's it my friend you're good Bro reacted to the skit writing lol's I Giggled for Real Jon Jones responds after being Accused of threatening a drug tester's Life on Saturday reports came out that Police are investigating an incident After a drug testing agent filed a Report against Jon Jones alleging that He assaulted her and threatened to kill Her during a recent visit to his home Jones has responded to the allegations Via Instagram he posted a video of him Giving a high five to the drug tester

Who he allegedly threatened To Jones denied the accusations writing I Want to address reports about me Allegedly threatening a drug tester's Life and taking a phone I want to Clarify that there is a video showing Both drug testers leaving my home after The testing session where we exchanged a High five and a hug although I was Frustrated with the unprofessionalism And used profanity out of frustration it Ended friendly and amicably nothing Threatening at all I was actually Celebrating a friend's birthday party at My home and I believe it's perfectly Normal to celebrate in the comfort of my Own home I must say this particular Tester behaved quite unprofessionally And even breach standard protocol along With HIPPA laws throughout my 20 years Of being subjected to drug test I have Never encountered such an incident with A dco officer before here's how the MMA Community reacted to Jones's explanation Chill sunnon wrote this should have Dropped April 1st Reserve judgment more To it nobody was in danger give me a few To get free and I'll discuss meanwhile Fans tweeted I'd believe him if it Wasn't for his history LOL I stand with John he has never done anything wrong by Celebrating in his own home he means Drinking if he was drinking then it's

100% believable he got hostile towards The testers that was not a hug and bro Looked like he was trying to get out of There fast laughing my ass off shirtless With his drawers around his ankles Stumbling into his SUV surprised he Didn't hide under his bed until they Left innocent Vic fine upstanding Citizen who follows the law always Innocent whenever someone in Authority Is wrong and cannot find a way to Justify their actions they use the word Unprofessional it's all you need to know Those testers must have a long history Of violence substance abuse and and Misdemeanors they should leave law- Abiding John Alone time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Facebook and was Posted by Robert Second place meme was found over on Reddit and was posted by fickin Bold and the top picked meme was found Over on X and was posted by MMA thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the talk