MMA news today:

THE UFC teams up with NBA and NFL to stop illegal streams

UFC 292 Fighter SALARIES revealed

STEPHEN THOMPSON says he still hasn’t received any compensation for his canceled UFC 291 bout

ALEX PEREIRA challenges Anthony Smith to grappling match

DILLON DANIS pulls in crazy numbers on Twitter

MICHAEL CHANDLER starts training camp for Conor McGregor fight

00:00 – Alex Pereira challenges Anthony Smith to grappling match
01:24 – Dillon Danis pulls over crazy numbers on Twitter
01:54 – The fighter salaries from UFC 292 have been revealed
02:59 – The UFC teams up with NFL and NBA to take on illegal streams
04:35 – Wonderboy says he still hasn’t received any compensation for his canceled UFC 291 bout
05:55 – Conor McGregor admits he drinks ‘every night’ as he prepares for UFC return
06:59 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started In today's video Alex Pereira challenges Anthony Smith to a grappling match Dylan Dennis pulls crazy numbers on Twitter Fighter salaries from UFC 292 have been Revealed the UFC teams up with both the NFL and NBA to take on illegal streaming Wonderboy says he still hasn't received Any compensation for his canceled UFC 291 bout and Conor McGregor admits he's Been drinking every night leading up to His UFC return The beef between Anthony Smith and Alex Pereira continues in yesterday's video We showed a clip of Smith calling out Pereira to a fight inside the Octagon I Said a bunch of nice [ __ ] about you You're gonna talk [ __ ] I don't think so That's not how this works That's not how this work and then we're Just gonna shake hands when we see each Other because you're doing this media Thing because you're looking for a rival If you want a [ __ ] rival you got one Right here oh yeah dude I didn't do it To you I've been nothing but complimentary of Him because and his whole team Hello I like his coaches I love Glover To death And a lot a lot of his training Partners Like I I don't know what I did to that Guy now in response peretta posted what Appears to be a challenge to Anthony

Smith for a grappling match along with a Caption that reads date whenever he has Courage what are your thoughts and Perida's call out would you prefer to See them settle their differences in a Grappling match or an MMA fight let us Know your opinion in the comments below Dylan danis is Making Waves on Twitter With some jaw-dropping numbers in the Build up to his highly anticipated debut In Misfits boxy on October 14th in Manchester Dennis Unleashed an epic Verbal assault on Nina Agdal Logan Paul's fiance and it's breaking all Records according to dromoler word on The street is that Conor McGregor's Buddy has racked up a mind-blowing 2 Billion views on Twitter in just the Past 28 days Dennis also said that this Is despite being Shadow banned on Twitter due to the content of his posts Official fighter salaries from UFC 292 Have been revealed these figures do not Represent a Fighter's total earnings as Certain sponsorship incomes pay-per-view Revenue or discretionary bonuses are not Publicly disclosed O'Malley and Sterling Both earned 500k each Zhang Wei Lee a 520k Amanda Lemos 250 000. Ian Gary 100K Neil magni 134 000 Mario Bautista 86k Damon Blackshear 27k Marlin chitovera 310k Pedro Munoz 150k on the prelims Bred Tavares made 200k Chris Weidman 426k Gregory Rodriguez 100K Dennis to

Lulin 14K Hollabaugh 30k Austin Harbor 32k Brad Katona 64 000 Cody Gibson 15K Andre Petrovsky 36k Gerald Mercer 100K Natalia Silva 80 000 Andrea Lee 70k Corrine Silva 28k Marino moroz 50k the UFC NFL And NBA are planning to rewrite dmca Laws in order to shut down illegal live Streams instantaneously according to a Report from The Verge the sports Organizations have sent a letter to the USPTO in which their primary concern is The delayed response to the dmca take Down notices for illegal live streams They've suggested amending the term Expeditiously to instead say Instantaneously or near instantaneously In takedown requests The Big Three have Said that they believe this change could Combat the prolonged removal of Unauthorized content they emphasize the Potential annual revenue loss of up to 28 billion dollars due to pirated Streams posed by the modern digital Landscape an additional recommendation They made includes user verification Before enabling live stream broadcasts The organizations also highlighted the Drastic changes in technology and Streaming capabilities since the dmca Was introduced in 1998 fans reacted Saying and they're just gonna lose Viewers LOL Crux the legal live streams Aren't even readily available and

They're all too expensive either way way To alienate your fans going backwards I See classic surely this won't be misused By anyone 28 billion in potential annual Revenue is such a deliberately skewed Number keep killing any potential Interest from any new Young audiences Whatever they do the internet will find A way up laughing Mo the UFC should Lower the cost of their pay-per-views or Provide a year-long subscription service What do you guys making this news let's Talk below Stephen Thompson still hasn't received Any compensation for his canceled UFC 291 fight against Michelle Pereira During a recent interview on unlocking The cage Wonderboy disclosed the minimum Compensation he is seeking for the Mist Fight against the Brazilian fighter You know we found a contract to make This much to show up right and then we And then we signed a contract to make This much if we win well I showed up I'm the one that made the web made the Way you know Um and it doesn't have to be the the Whole the whole amount But um At least man the the the the camp costs You know Camp's not not cheap bringing People in paying coaches I got to pay Coaches you know that basically train me For free for for the past well actually

I started my fight camp in April because It was supposed to fight in June I was supposed to fight on that Vancouver car but they postponed it so I Had this crazy long camp That they basically trained me for free So you know and I and I'm always I Didn't want to do right by them and Honor what we agreed so Um I'm gonna make that happen one way or Another So if I don't get paid by the UFC or not I'm still gonna make things right with Them Michael Chandler has posted new Training footage as he prepares for the Conor McGregor fight Oh [ __ ] While we're on the topic of McGregor and Chandler the Irishman recently admitted He's been drinking every night and says He will still beat the [ __ ] out of Chandler at UFC 296 while responding to Chandler over Twitter the notorious row I'm on the gargle every night and still Gonna smack [ __ ] out of you Here are the top three memes we found on The internet today third place was found Over Instagram and was posted by a user Named as shopped As It Gets Foreign Place meme was found over Instagram and Was posted by a username nut rocket And her top picked meme of the day was Found over Twitter and was posted by a

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