Alex Pereira DESTROYS Ngannou’s punching power record! Holloway SLAMS Topuria! Strickland-Mitchell

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00:00 Sean Strickland meets Bryce Mitchell
00:50 Strickland agrees to fight Paulo Costa at UFC 302
01:14 McGregor vs. Chandler to be announced at the UFC 300 presser
01:56 Holly Holm responds to Ronda Rousey’s comments
03:43 Jiri Prochazka fires back at Aleksandar Rakic
05:31 Max Holloway slams ‘questionable’ Ilia Topuria
06:35 Alex Pereira destroys Francis Ngannou’s punching power record
07:07 Charles Oliveira gets emotional during an interview
08:19 TOP 3 mma memes



All right let's get the show Started in today's news Sean Strickland Meets Bryce Mitchell the ever so Slightly controversial Shan Strickland Raised many eyebrows once again after Posting a video alongside the equally Contentious Bryce Mitchell I'm out here My boy Bryce Mitchell man he's one of The real ones we're talking about Freedom overthrowing the government Taxation this man's one of real one our Favorite calibers let's go my man 30 out Six let's go dog one of the real on Let's go You guys I spent a little bit too much Time with Bryce he starts getting my Head I'm starting to think maybe I want To move to Arkansas maybe I want to Build a bunker maybe I need a million Rounds of ammunition but Bryce my man I'm not down with that cousin thing I Know how you guys are in Arkansas not This guy Sean also revealed that he had A successful meeting with the UFC and it Sounds like the pooc Costa fight is a Done deal he wrote well had a meeting With the UFC and told that I don't want To be rich I want to be able to support A family after my career is done they Actually were pretty supportive made it Happen thank you fans all right boringa MMA you got your wish let's do some Bleeding Conor McGregor versus Michael Chandler to be announced at the UFC 300

Press conference there have been Rumblings of some sort of big Announcement at the UFC 300 press Conference on his YouTube channel Earlier this month Max Holloway Suggested that something was in the Works for the Presser earlier today a Report from MMA uncensored alleged that McGregor's bout against Michael Chandler Will be announced at the UFC 300 press Conference on Thursday the report also Added that McGregor and Chandler will be On hand for the event and face off Afterward as far as the fight date the Two have been linked to a UFC 303 return Earlier this year McGregor claimed that He would compete against Chandler in a Middleweight bout on June 29th Holly Holm reacts to Ronda Rousey's Recent comments back in 20155 at UFC 193 Home pulled off one of the biggest Upsets in UFC history as she knocked Rousey out cold to become the new UFC Bantamweight champion just recently Ronda did an interview with BBC and Revealed that she had a concussion going Into that fight and that's the reason Why she lost now just a few short days Before UFC 300 where home is set to face Kayla Harrison howly responded to Ronda's comments saying um what's just Your reaction when you hear this do you Feel like she's trying to take away from Your win all these years later um do you

Think this is accurate just give us your Thoughts well so everything I say which I'm sure people will just take parts of What I'm about to say and make it sound How you guys won't I say this all out of Respect in order to have a big upset Like that fight was you have to have a Dominant Champion so without her being So dominant then I couldn't have been up To have such an upset but with that Being said I was the better fighter I Was the better fighter that night and Every I mean every fighter at this point If you've made a career of fighting You've had a concussion at some point You go back and look at some of my Boxing fights and some of the things That I've done I've definitely had some Concussions um so I'll never sit here And use that as an excuse for any loss And I think that it's probably just hard For her to really Um Want to like maybe admit that I was just The better fighter was she so dominant And a good Champion 100% I give her that But she wasn't better than me and Especially that night Erie prohaska Fires back at Alexander rakic ahead of UFC 300 rakic called out prasa for Allegedly living a quote unquote fake Samurai lifestyle you know you cannot be You cannot became a samurai after just Reading a book you know what he coach

Gave it to him uh and live this Spirit You know if you are a samurai you need To live this for a long time and not for The last two three years so that's why I Said he's a samurai a fake Samurai Yuri Fired back at his rival saying that rage Is just talking [ __ ] and that he will Show him who he really is inside of the Octagon on Saturday Night uh Alexander he talking too much Like I said he's talking too much he Don't know me and he he will know me in The cage who I am where I am able to to Go how through I can go to take a win And uh he don't know me personally if You don't know somebody personally how You can speak about him something what Whatever and I never said about myself I'm I'm samurai or whatever yeah because I'm respecting all the Warriors from all The history and I'm sharing with the People with all the world every time the Best ideas and best thoughts what I ever Have which helped me to improve myself On the way to keep myself on the way and He you you will like that you don't know Nothing about me how I'm living I can't Say what I sacrificed because I accept The way when you accept the way you will Live whenever do Whatever uh that's it yeah so his Talking [ __ ] Max Holloway takes a shot at a Quote unquote questionable ilot torya

During Wednesday's media day hallay said That he still believes Alexander Volkanovski is a top tier fighter Despite his two knockout losses to OT Toria and Islam makev hway is also not Yet sold on to pora's Champion Describing him as quote unquote Questionable and suggested that he's Already ducked him during his rise Through the ranks Mark over here so if You get be M title probably next match Up for you is new champia TOA and what Do you think about that questionable I It a lot of questionable that guy Everybody keep asking me what do I think Of to toor yeah fighting toor he's Questionable I I'll fight him you go ask Him that question ask him that question About me at the end of the day UFC I Always wanted to fight for a TI I always Want to do this a lot of contenders they Gave me they gave me a lot of up and Cominging contenders and and then There's one that didn't come up to to Towards my way so you can ask UFC about That you can ask him the question Alex Pera destroys Francis Nano's punch Forest record back in 2018 enanu Recorded a score of 129,000 now ahead of UFC 300 Pena Crushed This Record hitting a score of 191k on the power Cube are going Crazy oh oh my God

Bro Bro bro bro Bro Charles alivea gets emotional during An interview ESPN MMA has released a Documentary about Charles ala's Journey From the favellas to the UFC in the Documentary alera got really emotional When describing the meaning of his Nickname the Bronx you can watch the Full documentary on ESPN mma's YouTube Channel the link is in today's video Description [Music] Fore [Music] Spee [Music] [Music] Time for today's top memes third place Was found over on Instagram and was Posted by as shopped As It Gets the second place meme was found Over on Facebook and was posted by Robert and the top picked meme was found Over on Reddit and was posted by Freeman 687 thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk